I am taking the liberty to copy text that Nazrul sent me recently but with his permission (plus attached photos) about Mattie's visit, a benefactor. Why? To give this project added credibility. Mattie is the first benefactor for this clean drinking water project.

Nazrul: i m doing here social works, mainly i m supplying hand tube wells for pure drinking water for the poor families here, once u tried for collection the fund, any way it was nt possible, now i m supplying the same, u know it is the main one to get pure water for the poor, already i have supplied some numbers , one of my dutch friend donated 30 numbers of hand tube wells costs, each hand tube wells costs like 200 usd

My Dutch friend named Mattie, came for visit my works, also donated 30 numbers of hand tube wells costs, it was last yr, september, my special invitation to u, for pay a visit my country&see my works, if possible u may send the photos of my works to ur closest or u desire, hoping ur all the well, pls stay in safe&better,
with best regards,

my cell phone number, 880-01711971817 --- COMPLETE CONTACT INFO IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE


The hand tube well project is one that has as its purpose the making available clean drinking water to a community of people in Bangladesh.